MAY 2020

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                        Phoenix Beacon Light  Bible Reading Program                                                                                                                                                                                   May 2020
Fri. 1-May Jesus Rejected at Nazareth Mark 06
SAB. 2-May Defilement is from Within Mark 07
Sun. 3-May Feeding the Four Thousand Mark 08
Mon. 4-May Jesus Transfigured on the Mount Mark 09
Tues. 5-May Marriage and Divorce Mark 10
Wed. 6-May The Triumphal Entry Mark 11
Thurs. 7-May Parable- The Wicked Vinedressers Mark 12
Fri. 8-May The Temple would be Destroyed? Mark 13
SAB. 9-May The Plot to Kill Jesus! Mark 14
Sun. 10-May Jesus faces Pilate Mark 15
Mon. 11-May He is RISEN! Mark 16
Tues. 12-May John’s Birth announced Luke 01
Wed. 13-May Christ born of Mary Luke 02
Thurs. 14-May John the Baptist prepares the way Luke 03
Fri. 15-May Satan Tempts Jesus Luke 04
SAB. 16-May 4 Fishermen called as Disciples Luke 05
Sun. 17-May Jesus: Lord of the Sabbath Luke 06
Mon. 18-May The Centurian’s Servant Healed! Luke 07
Tues. 19-May The Women who Minister to Jesus Luke 08
Wed. 20-May Sending Out the Twelve Luke 09
Thurs. 21-May The Seventy sent Out Luke 10
Fri. 22-May The Model Prayer Luke 11
SAB. 23-May Beware of Hypocrisy Luke 12
Sun. 24-May Repent of Perish Luke 13
Mon. 25-May Sabbath healing of Dropsy Patient Luke 14
Tues. 26-May Parable: The Lost Sheep Luke 15
Wed. 27-May Parable:  The Unjust Steward Luke 16
Thurs. 28-May Jesus warns of Offenses Luke 17
Fri. 29-May Parable:  The Persistent Widow Luke 18
SAB. 30-May Jesus Comes to Zacchaeus’ House Luke 19
Sun. 31-May Jesus’ Authority Questioned! Luke 20
                 Study His Word to Know His Voice