JULY 2020

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                 Phoenix Beacon Light Bible Reading Program   July  2020
Wed. 1-July Seven Chosen to Serve Acts 06
Thurs. 2-July Stephen's Address Plus Acts 07
Fri. 3-July Saul Persecutes the Church Acts 08
Sab.  4-July The Damascus Road Acts 09
Sun 5-July Cornelius Sends A Delegation Acts 10
Mon. 6-July Peter Defends God's Grace Acts 11
Tues. 7-July Herod's Violence to the Church Acts 12
Wed.  8-July Barnabas and Saul Appointed Acts 13
Thurs. 9-July At Iconium Acts 14
Fri. 10-July Conflict Over Circumcision Acts 15
Sab. 11-July Timothy Joins Paul and Silas Acts 16
Sun 12-July Preaching Christ at Thessalonica Acts 17
Mon. 13-July Ministering at Corinth Acts 18
Tues. 14-July Paul at Ephesus Acts 19
Wed. 15-July Journeys in Greece Acts 20
Thurs. 16-July Warnings on the Way to Jerusalem Acts 21
Fri. 17-July Still on the Way Acts 22
Sab. 18-July The Plot Against Paul Acts 23
Sun. 19-July Accused of Sedition Acts 24
Mon. 20-July Paul Appeals to Caesar Acts 25
Tues. 21-July Paul's Early Life Acts 26
Wed. 22-July The Voyage to Rome Begins Acts 27
Thurs. 23-July Paul's Ministry to Malta Acts 28
Fri. 24-July Paul's Desire to Visit Rome Romans 01
Sab. 25-July God's Righteous Judgement Romans 02
Sun. 26-July God's Judgement Defended Romans 03
Mon. 27-July Abraham Justified by Faith Romans 04
Tues. 28-July Faith Triumphs in Trouble Romans 05
Wed. 29-July Dead to Sin, Alive to God Romans 06
Thurs. 30-July Freed from the Law

Romans 07

 Fri.                31-July          Free From Indwelling Sin                       Romans 08