MAR 2020

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Sun. 1-Mar God Pleads with Israel Micah 6
Mon. 2-Mar Sorrow Israel's Sin Micah 7
Tues. 3-Mar God's Wrath on Enemies Nahum 1
Wed. 4-Mar Nineveh Destroyed Nahum 2
Thurs. 5-Mar  Nineveh's Woes Nahum 3
Fri. 6-Mar Question and Reply Habakkuk 1
SAB. 7-Mar The Just Live by Faith Habakkuk 2
Sun. 8-Mar The Prophet's Prayer Habakkuk 3
Mon. 9-Mar The Great Day of the Lord Zephaniah 1
Tues. 10-Mar A Call to Repentance Zephaniah 2
Wed. 11-Mar Wickedness vs Faith Zephaniah 3,4
Thurs. 12-Mar Build God's House Haggai 1
Fri. 13-Mar The Glory of God's House Haggai 2
SAB. 14-Mar A Call to Repentance Zechariah 1
Sun. 15-Mar The Measuring Line Zechariah 2
Mon. 16-Mar Two Visions Zechariah 3,4
Tues. 17-Mar Two More Visions Zechariah 5,6
Wed. 18-Mar Better Than Fasting Zechariah 7
Thurs. 19-Mar Jerusalem of the Future Zechariah 8
Fri. 20-Mar Israel's Defense Zechariah 9
SAB. 21-Mar Restoration Zechariah 10
Sun. 22-Mar Desolation of Israel Zechariah 11
Mon. 23-Mar Deliverance Coming Zechariah 12
Tues. 24-Mar Idolatry Cut Off Zechariah 13
Wed. 25-Mar The Day of the Lord Zechariah 14
Thurs. 26-Mar Israel Beloved of God Malachi 1
Fri. 27-Mar Corrupt Priests Malachi 2
SAB. 28-Mar The Coming Messenger Malachi 3,4
Sun. 29-Mar The Genealogy of Jesus Matthew 1
Mon. 30-Mar Wise Men from the East Matthew 2
Tues. 31-Mar John the Baptist Matthew 3